I'm lucky to work with amazing clients in my coaching practice. The relationship between coach and client is a special one. I provide fertile soil; clients plant the seeds and grow to their highest potential! It's beautiful to see the transformation.

I was lost and spinning out of control when I first met Angela. She was patient, kind, and challenged me to look at things from a different perspective. There were so many "a-ha" moments during our sessions that allowed me to make positive shifts. She helped me identify and clear negative energy to create space for new opportunities. I felt like I had permission to let go of that which no longer served me. 


--Sara, Carmel, IN

I had an excellent experience with Angela. She gave me two types of personality tests and then really dove into the results, revealing some things that were holding me back from a better-fitting job. We talked about strategies for handling my current stressful work environment and how to start broadening my search for new opportunities. What I really liked is that she has explored different careers and had difficult bosses so she’s able to relate and share her experiences in a way I haven’t found with other coaches. 


--Rosie, Chicago, IL

I really appreciate Angela's unique insights and perspectives. She has an amazing ability to really dig into an issue and help you discover something about yourself that you wouldn't have been able to discover on your own. Angela is also very knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience to our discussions. I respect and trust her viewpoints and have found them to be indispensable!

--Bob, Indianapolis, IN

I absolutely loved my experience with Angela - she honestly changed my life! I was dissatisfied with my career choice and didn't know where else to turn. I dedicated my schooling and upending my life for this career path that I realized I didn't even like. Through eight sessions with Angela, we were able to dissect why I wasn't satisfied with my role and how to take the aspects I enjoyed from that job to direct me down a new path. She helped unearth things about myself I didn't know were there. She knew my thoughts and feelings in a way that I couldn't articulate. I am so happy in my new role and would recommend Angela to anyone!


--Maggie, Indianapolis, IN

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I have been so pleased with my progress while working with Angela. I had some self-realizations as we spoke, and it gave me great confidence to tackle my goals. I could tell she had really put time and thought into our session and what would be important for us to cover. When things were working well she encouraged me and kept my productivity high, and when I was unsure about how to proceed she helped me clarify what next steps were. I highly recommend Angela if you need clarity about where you are in life and what you'd like to do! 


--Rob, Indianapolis, IN

Angela was great! I had a specific goal in mind when working with her and she helped me reach it. My resume in particular needed help and Angela gave good tips on how to make it look its best. Now I have my dream job!

--Austin, Portland, OR