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My husband and I recently adopted a second dog from the same rescue group where we adopted our first dog, Molly. We'd been hoping to only foster a dog, but fell in love with him the day we got him. His name at the time was Zachary. We decided pretty quickly that he was more of a Murphy. So Murphy and Molly live together and romp around the backyard with their Irish names.

We have a third pet--a cat named Hobbes. He is a beautiful orange tabby who is very friendly with people. He's been through a few dogs in our home and frankly, I think he's over it. He's 13 years old and he's getting cranky in his age. Sometimes he tolerates the dogs and sometimes he's not in the mood to be bothered. I get that. I do.

Hobbes pretty much lives in our basement with warm air, blankets, a couch, a few places to explore and his own personal gate-protected bathroom with a private litter box. We installed a cat door in the door to the basement, so only Hobbes can fit through it.

Murphy is obsessed with Hobbes. He can be very still, quiet and gentle as he softly sniffs Hobbes' tail. But 25% of the time, he gets too excited about seeing Hobbes and runs after him. This typically happens when Hobbes decides to run for the kitty door. Several times now, Murphy has been unable to stop running and he smashes into the kitchen trash can. He's completely unfazed. He loves Hobbes. We joke that when Hobbes makes an appearance, it's like Beatlemania. The fans (the dogs) wait around for him to make an appearance, checking every so often at the kitty door to catch a glimpse. Murphy is so obsessed he sometimes sticks his head through the kitty door, which is hilarious from both sides. Hobbes makes his brief appearance, everyone is mesmerized and then he goes back to the basement. And we start the whole routine again.

I often wonder why Hobbes doesn't realize he's so popular. He's the reluctant star. A veritable Kurt Cobain in our very own house. Doesn't he know his 15 minutes of fame is almost up? Oh, well. Whatever. Never mind.

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