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Reset your happy. Redefine your life. 

You're ready to rediscover who you really are. Jumping the corporate ship for something more meaningful? Ready to rewrite the rest of your life? Want to get back in touch with your identity? Whatever the case, I'll help you get there. Everything you’ve done professionally and personally has led you here. Know that it’s O.K. to feel uncomfortable, anxious or even depressed. 


Together we'll reset your happy by uncovering who you really are, igniting your passions and creating an action plan. 

What is a life coach?


Coaches empower people to live their best lives—it’s really that simple. Just like a sports, voice or acting coach, we help them bring out their best talents, skills and strengths. Coaches hold clients accountable while championing every success along the way. A life coach is not a therapist, however, we can refer clients to counselors who can help with life struggles. 


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