About me

I've been therein that place of hopelessness and despairwaiting for something to get better. Waiting for an answer. I felt helpless many times during my adult life.


I never felt 100% at ease in any job, even if I could do the job well. Marketing, public relations, communications, editing, writing, non-profit, corporate and governmentyou name it, I did it. I spent nearly 20 years job hopping, eager to find contentment. Each time I thought that I'd found the right path, I was wrong.


I'd tell myself, "Every job has bullshit, I just need to roll with it." In truth, all I felt was trapped and sad. I was in survival mode many times. High-stress, fast-paced jobs made me feel trapped and they were the catalysts for a big breakdown. After a month of crying before work, crying on the way to work and dreading Sunday nights, I had a meltdown. I spent three days in a stress facility. The jig was up.


After three months of serious soul searching, I emerged as a new person—ready to be real, open and present. It was time to make a big decision and take action. I knew I couldn't go back to the corporate world. I realized that it wasn't just about finding the next "job," it was about digging deep and discovering my true identity. I wanted to help people who had been through the same thing as meand man, there are A LOT of us! I became a life coach and it's been a time of joy and unconditional support. 


Who are you, really? What are your core values? What lights you up inside? What is your legacy? These are the important questions. Let's find the answers together! 

Angela Jorden, ACC, CPC

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) certification from International Coach Federation (ICF). Original coaching certification from Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), the #1 coaching program in the United States. Certified as Certified Professional Coach (CPC), through IPEC. 


IPEC is an accredited coaching program, through the ICF.